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Training & CBT - Computer-Based Training

eLearning, or what used to be refrred to as Computer Based Training (CBT), uses the latest computer technology to combine audio/visual materials into a very effective and easy-to-use training package. Unlike its predecessors, today's eLearning provides a high degree of interaction to stimulate interest and thereby increase retention.

A specialist in technology-based training tools, Ashford Training Technologies provides you with cost-effective, top quality eLearning that is built to your exact requirements.

WHY USE eLearning/CBT?

Because it is...

By actively using the three primary senses of vision, hearing, and touch, a deeper understanding is achieved.

There is long-term and detailed retention due to student-paced and non-pressure interaction.

Simultaneous use of a variety of media is combined with a high degree of student involvement. Participants literally learn without knowing how the information is absorbed.

Time and time again, programs can be run and reviewed with a non-variable, consistent output.

No location or time constraints and fully portable. You only need a home PC, any brand, any brand, and operating system.

Ashford has extraordinary resources and knowledge, enabling leading-edge course development.

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