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It is rare that something good does not come from change, and this was the case for the Alaska Airlines cabin crew training department when they found out their facility was being reclaimed for a new flight simulator.

They had originally decided to purchase a new Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET) from Ashford that maximized their available space (approx 30' long), and took advantage of a mezzanine so that additional students could view the inside of their trainer while it was being used. This was going to be accomplished by the use of a retracting portion of the cabin roof: an innovative solution!!

Original Design

Well, fortune struck after deciding to construct a new facility. We located a surplus airframe that allowed the trainer to include a larger cabin and a cockpit, plus a lot of other features. The end result is this...

Final Design

... which ended up like this!!

Night view through glassCabin Length

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