New Canadian operator, Enerjet, buys 737 NG OWE Print

The new Calgary based Enerjet received a new Overwing Exit Trainer recently. Built by fellow Canadian company Ashford Technologies Inc., the new Exit Trainer will allow Enerjet to train their crewmembers for emergency operations on their new fleet of Boeing 737-700 Next Generation aircraft.

The Trainer includes a number of training features, such as emergency lights and PSU oxygen mask deployment, as well as a feature sure to be a hit with the class instructors; an auto-closing exit.  Closing an Overwing Exit can be a time-consuming and arduous task, but not on this training device. A simple push of a button on the hand-held control unit will close and reset the exit without any stress or strain on the instructor !!

Inside facing Exit DoorOutside fuselage viewReady for shipment...........